Technical tips to use this course

Note: Watch this video if you want technical tips on how to use this course. Mark this video as “complete” if you don’t need technical tips.


This is the course curriculum dashboard and your homepage for the course. You can see all of the modules here and videos here. You can see your overall progress here. You can see how long each video lasts.If you’ve watched a video, the circle will be filled in. That said, you can watch any video again. 

The first time you go through the course, you should watch all the videos in order. After that, feel free to skip around. 

You can see your course progress on the upper left. 

Let’s download the workbook. It’s listed under Module 1. Click start. Now you’re inside the course. Now click on the hyperlink. Save the workbook to your computer. You can type out your answers in the PDF. Filling out the PDF works best on a computer, not on a phone and tablet.

You can also print the workbook and write your answers.

Now that you’re inside the course, you’ll still be able to see a list of all the modules and videos available to you on the left hand side column. 

To change the video settings to how you watch every video, go to this gear at the top of the course curriculum dashboard. You can decide if you want the videos to play one right after another with “Autoplay”. You can increase and decrease the speed for all the videos by clicking on “speed”. 

You can also change the setting just for one video. You can see I’ve watched all the videos through Module 3.  Let’s click on this video. Go to the gear on the lower right hand side to change the speed, quality, and volume of just this video.  

In many of the videos, I give you an exercise to do in the workbook. Under each video, you can read which page in the workbook to turn to to find the corresponding exercise.  You can also read the transcript here.

When you’re done with a video, you can click “complete” in the upper right hand corner. If you clicked on Autocompletion earlier, you don’t have to manually click Complete. That way, the circle will fill in. If you watch the video again, it will reset to a half circle. 

You can post a comment and questions here. We will moderate the comments. Once we approve, other people can see your comments. 

In some of the modules, we have quizzes just for you to test your knowledge. These are not graded. You can click and you’ll see if your answer is correct and if not, it will show you the correct answer.

You can do this course at your own pace. Go to the homepage by clicking on the house on the top left hand side. Then go to your profile on the top right hand side and click logout. To get your log in, find it here. You can also click on your original registration email.

Good luck! If you still have questions, email us at [email protected]

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